Brian Blankenship (blankphoto) wrote,
Brian Blankenship


$Well Sharah and i have been in Ohio for 2 days now. it been really great having her here, getting to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. Today we went shopping in bula and Conneaut for groceries and a few other things we needed around the house. I like going shopping with her, cuz we can kinda play house like that and its not so bad when she has to go back to NY. Its not so bad at all this time in particular. you see there is a real possibility of me having a good job up there soon with Hodgins engraving doing typesetting. Its easy I can do it, and most of all its in NY. There are several good places to live for starts in Leroy since i'll be working in Batavia.

Something that is equally important to me is that, this is a good solid step to be me mother any from her demonic-hell-spawn-of-a-boss.


a prime example of pat-thinking:

like yesterday....he called and asked if i knew anything about a rue in guntersville....i said no i had never heard that name i am saying that i am pulling down my store list and i find alabama...i tell him that...

he says well i know that!...i said i had nothing on it....he response was to say...go thru this list (4 pages printed in landscape) and figure out what i needed for every store in the list.....

my reaction was basically: ??????????????? WTF!!!!!!!!!....are you kidding!!!!!!!

i have no way of knowing which if any of those store has been awarded to him....
i have to wait till i get a quote or criteria or maybe elevations from him or tina

then he hung up on me! as soon as he said it

and he said it in a very sarcastic way!

If you I wrote about this more you'd know that it has been much worse, to the point of my mother being so upset that all she could do is scream. i have to do everything in my power to get her away from him before he gives her a heart attack or and annurism or worse. The job with hodgins is the first good lead ive had in NY.

I'd appreciate prayers, thank you.

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