Brian Blankenship (blankphoto) wrote,
Brian Blankenship

LJ vs. Blogger

Sitting here for a moment, I have realized the difference between Blogger and LiveJournal and why most people seem to prefer LJ. People complain as I did about Bloggers lack of features like friends lists and other things that LJ does. I now see though that the reason LJ does this is so people can keep in touch with one another. The main function of LJ is an online diary, that your friends can read and comment on. Where as Blogger 's function is primarily that of an online publisher, what with functions like its built in photo storage. LJ is for people who talk a lot, and Blogger is for people hay a lot to say. I thinks thats why I never really liked LJ.

If you take offense to this, get a some prospective on life ok.
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