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Another Letter from the DotPhoto Photo Editor!!!


Good Afternoon, I hope all is going well for you.  I would like to highlight you and a representative image of your work in our monthly newsletter for November 2005.  The newsletter has a reach of over 300,000 current customers and would be a direct link to your album in the Featured Gallery.  If you are willing, please email me a short bio about yourself to be included in the newsletter.  If you need more information about the newsletter let me know and I will provide a sample.

I am working on a tight deadline to fill this feature, time is of the essence.  Please contact me via email at ********** if you are interested in being this month’s featured photographer.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Kathy DeLorenzo  ::  Photo Editor
dotPhoto, Inc. ::
Office 609.434.**** x*** Fax 609.434.****

Needless to say I am Elated, and going to do it of course!!
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